Cardy Gospel Hall Home Page

All are very welcome to come to all of our meetings.

Our Facebook Page shows details of all meetings

Times of Meetings

For the times of our normal regular weekly meetings, just click on this link.

The Saturday night ministry meeting details will normally appear opposite and also be on our Facebook page a few days beforehand, giving the date, time and the name of the speaker.

Special gospel or ministry series of Meetings will also be displayed here too.

Children’s Meetings

We have a number of Meetings suitable for children and all ages are very welcome to come along.

Forthcoming Meetings

See our Facebook page for details.

History of Cardy Gospel Hall

There is an interesting article on the history of how Cardy Gospel Hall came about, together with a Who We Are page for further background.

Making Contact

Please feel free to make contact with us if you have any queries or need a map to find out where exactly we are.